Richard (Tommy) Guy

I am a data scientist at Microsoft, formerly at Wave Apps.

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Blog part 2 (this time with ipython notebooks (and Rmarkdown)!):

Businesses spend a profound amount money non-ideologically in political races.

Most money in races for the House of Representatives comes from outside of the district where it gets spent.

IID failures lead to over-confidence in A/B test results.

Confidence bounds on metrics from sampled data sets.

PCA on county-level statistics in the US.

Examining the outliers between median income and education levels by county in the US.

Mean field update using Ising model of image denoising.

Gibbs sampling using Ising model of image denoising.

Other projects

Verbal Victor
Paúl Pauca, myself, and team of programmers created Verbal Victor, an augmented communication device for children with communication problems. The website is here. VerbalVictor currently runs on iOS, with dedicated iPhone and iPad versions available in the iStore.
We've sold over 2000 copies, garnered press in the AP and CNN (video), and Dr. Pauca has extended the success of VerbalVictor in a Software Engineering course at Wake Forest that produced several more new promising assistive applications.
Sofware Carpentry
Greg Wilson created Software Carpentry, to teach software engineering concepts to scientists and other makers and users of software. We currently host multi-day workshops all over the world to give working scientists hands-on training.